NFL Power Rankings

NFL power rankings updated every Tuesday.

  1. Green Bay Packers (6-0) Last week: 1
    The Pack played their worst game of the season against San Diego yet still remain undefeated.
  2. New England Patriots (5-0) Last week: 2
    Brady is playing 18-1 football again, and Gronk is the most valuable non-QB offensive weapon in the league.
  3. Denver Broncos (6-0) Last week: 3
    Peyton leads the league in INTs (10), but the defense is arguably the most dominant in the NFL.
  4. Carolina Panthers (5-0) Last week: 5
    Star LB Luke Keuchly’s return only further bolsters a top D that features one of the best corners in football, Josh Norman.
  5. Cincinnati Bengals (6-0) Last week: 4
    This team has everything except an A-list QB. Dalton has improved immensely but the jury’s still out.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) Last week: 9
    With Roethlisberger’s imminent return, the best receiver (Brown) and best running back (Bell) get their helmsman back.
  7. Atlanta Falcons (5-1) Last week: 6
    Matty Ice, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman are playing Pro Bowl football, and the defense has improved under Quinn.
  8. Arizona Cardinals (4-2) Last week: 7
    The offense is playing lights out and the defense is holding its own.
  9. New York Jets (4-1) Last week: 9
    The defense rivals Denver for best in the league. Fitzpatrick is holding his own as best J-E-T-S QB since Pennington.
  10. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) Last week: 8
    Not buying the decline of such a legendary defensive unit just yet. The offense, on the other hand, needs to improve.
  11. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) Last week: *
    Their front four looks great and the secondary has been able to generate turnovers. Bradford needs to simplify his play.
  12. Buffalo Bills (3-3) Last week: *
    Rex has a solid defense, as always, but the Bills have yet to get prized offseason acquisition McCoy rolling offensively.
  13. San Diego Chargers(2-4) Last week: *
    Rivers and Keenan Allen are on the same page, and Melvin Gordon has shown promise at tailback.
  14. New York Giants (3-3) Last week: *
    The Giants have a penchant for regular season mediocrity and postseason success… a lowly NFC East will go a long way.
  15. New Orleans Saints (2-4) Last week: *
    Brees and the offense looked sharp in their upset of undefeated Atlanta on Thursday night.
  16. Indianapolis Colts (3-3) Last week: *
    This team features two things: a front four that can’t stop the run and an o-line that can’t keep Luck upright.
  17. Dallas Cowboys (2-3) Last week: *
    This team is much better than 17th, but until Romo can return this is a middling team.
  18. Minnesota Vikings (3-2) Last week: *
    Undoubtedly the worst team with a winning record. They don’t do anything exceptionally well.
  19. St. Louis Rams (2-3) Last week: *
    Todd Gurley can do it all – he’s dominant between the tackles and in the open field.
  20. Miami Dolphis (2-3) Last week: *
    There’s too much talent here to be below .500. New head coach Dan Campbell looks to build on 1-0 start.
  21. Detroit Lions (1-5) Last week: *
    The Stafford-to-Megatron connection only took five weeks to materialize. Why it wasn’t always there is a mystery to me.
  22. Baltimore Ravens (1-5) Last week: *
    The only bright spot right is 36-year-old Steve Smith’s “blood and guts” dismemberment of every secondary he faces.
  23. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) Last week: *
    The defense is elite, and the offense has all the parts to be successful – it just hasn’t come together.
  24. San Francisco 49ers (2-4) Last week: *
    OC Geep Chryst needs to let Kaepernick run. 1,000-yard seasons on the ground should be Kaep’s norm.
  25. Washington Redskins (2-4) Last week: *
    The ‘Skins will go as far as Cousins can take them – which is to say, not far.
  26. Oakland Raiders (2-3) Last week: *
    It’s hard to say anything bad about this team. But there isn’t anything particularly great, either.
  27. Chicago Bears (2-4) Last week: *
    The Bears are a deeply flawed team, but Cutler is decent enough to keep this team from completely bottoming out.
  28. Houston Texans (2-4) Last week: *
    How much wood does a hard working cell signal surrogate have to chop to play on a team with an NFL-caliber QB?
  29. Cleveland Browns (2-4) Last week: *
    Josh McCown is clearly better than Johnny Football. But does it matter?
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) Last week: *
    Winston, who threw 18 picks against ACC defenses last year, is a turnover machine. Shocker.
  31. Tennessee Titans (1-4) Last week: *
    Mariota looks fine in his rookie campaign. Trouble is, the Titans just aren’t any good.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) Last week: *
    With the Royals World Series appearance last year, there’s no team in American sports more synonymous with losing.

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