This website, DynamicPicks, was originally created as a statistically based sports prediction website, a so-called “tout” site. The original goal was to provide readers with purely statistically derived predictions for sports, including Against the Spread (ATS) and totals percentages.

But over time the feel and direction of the site has changed to see the site become a biweekly column covering a wide variety of sports, including but not limited to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA Basketball and Football. Of course, none of this is to say that there won’t be any statistics in this site anymore. The opposite is the case: most pieces will ground their claims in statistics whenever relevant. It’d be irresponsible to do otherwise.

The bottom line is that it’s more human and more interesting to write factually based opinion pieces that attack or defend some particular issue or misunderstanding in sports.

As the famous adage goes: “The facts change; opinions never do.”

My name is Sean McAlevey. I am the creator, writer, and analyst of the site. Any questions or comments? Please send them to seanmcalevey@yahoo.com.


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