Has the Media Lost Their Marbles?

Let’s clear one thing up: last night’s 113-77 Spurs win over the Heat was brutal. I really don’t need to say anymore, because, well, everyone else has already beat me to the punch.

But doesn’t it seem borderline insane for the media to have switched their dog in the fight four times in only the last six days?

First, the Heat were the intelligent fan’s favorite: they had home court advantage and were “clearly” the better team throughout the regular season and playoffs. Then, after stealing Game 1 on the road, the Spurs were the media darlings. They had flipped home-court advantage in their favor and were only one game away from a serene stretch of three straight home games.

And then Game 2 and LeBron James happened. The Heat lit up the Spurs from deep, on the inside, on defense (see: LeBron’s epic block) – really, from every part of the court. Their home crowd was loving it, forcing the cameraman to continually zoom out to a wide shot of Miami’s stadium rocking. Naturally, the media switched sides: this time, there wasn’t a writer who thought the Heat would lose the series. Ok, maybe I’m being a little bit hyperbolic, but you get the point.

Finally, it’s now the Spurs turn to take the series reins, and to be the destined champions of 2013 – or at least that is the impression you get listening to only the media. San Antonio came out strong in Game 3 – but so did the Heat: the Spurs only led 50-44 at the half… Until Gary Neal and Danny Green happened.

The duo combined for 13 three pointers – leading their team to a total of 16 three pointers, an NBA Finals record – and ended up sealing the Spurs win in the second half. After outscoring the Heat 63-33 in the second half, San Antonio has, yet again, become the “clear” favorites to win it all.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t agree with that statement. It’s true that San Antonio most likely will hold on for their fifth championship in the Popovich-Big Three era.

But it’s just the way in which they became favorites that’s so odd – and borderline insane.

How can the Heat, then the Spurs, back to the Heat, and then once again the Spurs all be favorites in one three game stretch? Does the media have no self-respect? Is there anyone left who can stick to their guns and say, “the Heat/Spurs had one bad game, but I still think they’ll pull this series out”?

If the media opinions change every single game, who’s going to believe them when they actually have something important to say?

Well, I guess, everyone still does: I haven’t heard any complaints yet, and viewership has done anything but decline during the Finals. [Correction: Thanks to my good buddy Hal, it turns out that viewership has in fact declined slightly compared to last year’s Finals. However, I presume that’s due to the matchup rather than the media. But a good note, nonetheless.]

Oh well, I guess after the Heat win one of the next two games (if the Heat win one of the next two) there will be another set of rash predictions that the Larry O’Brien trophy will remain in South Beach for another year.

Even though, in reality, it will most likely be headed to San Antonio.


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