NBA – Thursday, November 8

Safe Games (“Locks”)

Los Angeles Clippers @ Portland Trailblazers

Projected win: Portland, 63.9% – INCORRECT

Projected ATS win: Portland +1, 63.9% – INCORRECT

No major reason to believe these stats are largely biased any direction. POR +1 appears to carry a lot of value (63.9%).

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Chicago Bulls

Projected win: Chicago, 65.8% – INCORRECT

Projected ATS win: Chicago +2.5, 71.8% – INCORRECT

These stats, on the other hand, are biased towards Chicago, due to the Rose injury. Still, the Bulls are a formidable team without Rose. The actual percent may be less than 71.8%; but by how much? Can’t be more than 10% (at the very worst, 15%) and both of those would give profitable percentages.

Playable Games


Unplayable Games



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